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Is change really going to come?

It was no so long ago, about three months ago from my fading memory, that pundits were predicting that life would be forever changed by the pandemic. “Nothing will ever be the same again” was the kind of headline I … Continue reading

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A pandemic predicted as a high probability event in 2020

I think this was published in 2014. Click on this link to download a high resolution image.

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Corona is not a Black Swan Event

There is a narrative slowly emerging that Corona (Covid-19) is a true Black swan event. For example, according to Fred Cleary, a portfolio manager at Pegasus Capital, quoted in the FT’s excellent Long View Column, “Covid-19 is a black swan”. … Continue reading

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Some things you can see coming…

i just remembere that i wrote this back in 2012 for a book called The Future: 50 Ideas you really need to know. Of course, if you write enough, and then wait long enough, almost anything can come true. The … Continue reading

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The World in 2020

I cannot wait to re-read this little lot and work out what they got right, what they got wrong and possibly why. The World in 2020 (top) was written in 1994, Horizons 2020 (Siemans) in 2004 , Future Agenda 2020 … Continue reading

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What might we eventually see in space?

Here’s a visual showing some of the things that might theoretically be possible in the distant future. Note that all the ideas listed here are possible from a laws of physics point of view, although the engineering challenges and costs … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“I don’t make predictions and I never will” – Paul Gascoigne.

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The Future of Meat

Always be cynical about anyone saying something “will” or “won’t” happen, especially in relation to the distant future. Most meat not from animals in 20years? I very much doubt it. Will and won’t imply 100% certainty. Might might be a … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

In the future people will insure their memories.

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Unconventional wisdom

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