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Talking about the mega-trends map

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The extreme present

I’m just going through a pile of newspaper cuttings, magazines and journals for the next issue of my What’s Next report. Towards the top of the pile I’ve discovered a little gem from Douglas Coupland in the FT. ” …the … Continue reading

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Map of Global Mega Trends

Here you go then. Use this link to get to a high resolution version. A3, A1 and rather wonderful AO sized copies on paper are available upon request (no charge except for print, post and a cardbaord tube). See you … Continue reading

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Trends are not where the future is found

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. I was talking to someone last week about what the future of retail might look like…in 2020. That’s right, how the future will look in 48-months. Such a timescale automatically pulls anyone back … Continue reading

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Historical books about the future

                        Just going on a tour of the science fiction library at Imperial College. Coincidently, I’m getting rather interested in acquiring original copies of old books that consider the … Continue reading

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Timeline of Future Events (From Speculative Fiction)

  This is truly lovely. Gordon Gray has just sent me a link to a blog called Brain Pickings, which is, in their words: “a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from … Continue reading

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Past views of the future

I’m researching a few ideas for one of my new books and just came across an old book called Looking Backward: 2000-1887. The book was written in 1888 about someone that falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in the … Continue reading

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Interview on ABC Radio

If you are interested (you probably aren’t) here’s a one hour ABC interview with me about ‘the future’ complete with five of my all-time favourite songs (they didn’t let me include rock music otherwise I’d have had ACDC, The Killers … Continue reading

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Fifty Things We Might Say in the Future

1. It was called blogging. It was hugely popular. 2. We used metal and bits of paper to pay for things back then. 3. People would dry the leaves, roll them up in paper and set fire to them. 4. … Continue reading

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Future Thinking

Just been thinking again about a formula for the future (post March 7). How about… Technology + History = the Future (History = human psychology + nature x time).

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