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Brainmail newsletter (May)

It’s finally up. Here are some of the best bits… Benefits of sexism According to Nicholas Kristof, a journalist on the New York Times, the exclusion of women from the workforce during the last century did have one benefit – … Continue reading

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The digitalisation of culture

You’ve no doubt heard of Google Street View. How about the Google Art Project? Google is working with 17 of the world’s leading art galleries and museums to digitalise many of the world’s greatest art masterpieces. So what’s not to … Continue reading

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Information anxiety

Feeling anxious today? The reason could be a surfeit of information and the long-term consequences could include critical errors. A study conducted by Angela Dimoka, director of the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University (US) has found that … Continue reading

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Food for thought

According to the historian Livy, the Roman Empire started to collapse shortly after cooks acquired celebrity status. Are you listening Gordon? It’s only dinner mate.

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Scenarios for the Future of Africa

A few months ago I did a talk and developed some rough scenarios for the future of fund-raising for a leadership team at Save the Children. Towards the end of the session, the subject of Africa came up and I … Continue reading

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Creativity and mood

I met a head teacher from a primary school in Clevedon (Bristol) a while ago and we got talking about one of my favourite subjects, namely where people do their best thinking. I mentioned some of the usual suspects that … Continue reading

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Libraries and librarians

I’m not in the habit of cut and pasting things, but I’m going to make this an exception in this case. It’s from Seth Godin and I have his permission to do this. URL to the original (and something else … Continue reading

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The lost boys

I’m not sure whether this is a purely UK phenomenon but it appears that, in Britain, society has created a lost generation of dissatisfied, disengaged and disaffected young men. Perhaps through parental neglect or stupidity, or external pressure from the … Continue reading

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On Meetings (and dogs)

Thought for the day: Never go to a meeting wearing a light coloured linen jacket, especially if the night before you’ve put the jacket on the back of a chair and your dog has stolen a whole roast chicken and … Continue reading

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The Future of Money (in a phone near you soon).

In Australia you can buy a shirt with a built-in sun protection factor of SPF 30+ In the US Burton is selling a snowboarding jacket with a built in MP3 player (removable for easy washing), whilst in Singapore researchers have … Continue reading

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