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The (Immediate) Future of Work

Interesting how things can change — and how fast. Only last year people were complaining about Generation Y at work. No attention span, unrealistic expectations and so on. I was even talking to a partner of a major accountancy firm … Continue reading

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Another Case of Bad Language

Here we go again. A report by something called the the National Organisation of University Art Schools says that schools should be teaching ‘visuacy’. The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is similarly focussing on the “outcome” of visuacy … Continue reading

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Some Statistics…

I did a talk a couple of days ago at the Group of 100 National Congress. This is essentially an audience of CFOs. Here are a few of the statistics that I used to illustrate a few trends… 1. The … Continue reading

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Always Turned On

Things are getting really weird. I have a female friend that goes to bed with an electronic device every night. Her husband is getting fed up and claims it’s ruining their sex life. Her response is that she’s in meetings … Continue reading

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Are We All Going Google Eyed?

Here’s fun game. Visit an ATM and play “Guess your PIN.” If you win you get some money. If you don’t you loose your card, usually after the third attempt.Other versions of the game are available for credit cards and … Continue reading

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Brian Eno’s Diary

Spent the weekend on Dangar Island with no phone. It rained. Hence I managed to re-read A Year with Swollen Appendices: Brain Eno’s Diary, which I must have last read in about 1998. There is some truly wonderful stuff in … Continue reading

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Trends for 2009

Here are 100 words to describe 2009. Anxiety Austerity Authenticity Badoo Basic Blue Busy Change Classic Cloud Community Compliance Connectivity Control Conviction Core Crisis Debt Deflation Demur Earthy Eco Enough Ergomorphic Eviction Experience Family Factual Fear Free Frugal Gardening Grateful … Continue reading

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Travel and Tourism Trends

I did a keynote at an Eco-Tourism conference yesterday. Here are my notes for anyone that’s interested. Society Acceleration of just about everything Increased stress means that people looking for stress-relieving activities Rise of slow movement Shift from products to … Continue reading

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I have nothing even remotely interesting to say today.

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Extreme Teens

Something important is happening and almost nobody is talking about it. That’s possibly because it’s happening in a parallel universe known only to teens and certain members of Generation Y. Did you know, for instance, that there has been a … Continue reading

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