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The Future of Newspapers (seen from 1981)

This is priceless – and a reminder of how even the best predictions can go slightly off the rails. The prediction that newspapers will be read mostly on computers is obviously on the money, but it’s things like likely cost … Continue reading

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Small Beer Idea

I got a call from my friend Luicien this morning saying he was shooting a movie down the road from my office and would I like to pop over for a quick coffee? Unfortunately I couldn’t but I did have … Continue reading

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2049 Wine Tasting

Another strangely addictive posting from the blog set in the year 2049 ( Ridiculous. I couldn’t do anything today because of an ant. The kitchen was full of them so I wiped them all up with a dishcloth, threw them … Continue reading

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2009 in Retrospect

In case you aren’t an avid weekend of the Weekend FT (you should be) there was a good article on 27/28 December by Niall Ferguson called ‘Chronicle Of A Decline Foretold’. The article is essentially a look back at 2009 … Continue reading

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Industry Trends for 2009

Interesting article in the McKinsey Quarterly saying that education, media, insurance, healthcare and in-home food consumption all stand up relatively well during recessions. The industry sectors that suffer the most include out of home entertainment (i.e. ticket sales for events), … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic

Global warming? I think some people are getting hot headed and should cool it. The latest example of climate confusion was a polar bear that floated from Greenland to Iceland on some melting sea ice. Apparently, this was our fault … Continue reading

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Top Risks

I don’t know whether people have seen my map of trends for 2009+ but it has just occurred to me that I’ve missed a risk, namely bisphenol-A (basically the thought that certain plastics could be killing us).  In 2004 6.4 … Continue reading

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Battery Farmed Children

According to a survey, 25% of them have difficulty walking and many of them are becoming disabled by rapid weight gain and a lack of proper sleep. The story in question is about battery-farmed chickens but it could equally be … Continue reading

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2009 Top Trends

Here it is…the top trend for 2009, applicable to just about anything. Trend #1: Anxiety (2009 remix) We are living in anxious times. First it was Y2K and then 9/11. More recently we’ve been worried by the threat of a … Continue reading

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2009 Top Trends

Trend #2: De-leveraging What cheap credit and irrational exuberance giveth, tighter lending controls and uncertainty taketh away. Growth is slowing down and institutions and individuals will get rid of as much debt as fast as they can. The last decade … Continue reading

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