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Idea of the month – social seating

So, I’m in Adelaide and there’s the world’s biggest space expo and exhibition happening alongside a festival of the future and future innovation. I’m in a hotel and eating breakfast by myself. So is more or less everyone else. But … Continue reading

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Our Energy Future

Back in 2007 I vividly remember having a conversation with a fellow futurist about Peak Oil. As far as he was concerned, the oil price was going to keep going up and up and we were facing a global crisis. … Continue reading

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Luminous beings are we…not this crude matter.

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Surveillance innovation

This is quite extraordinary (and straight out of 24 or CSI). Researchers at MIT, CSAIL and Microsoft are experimenting with the recovery of speach from vibrations. In one experiment they were able to ‘recover’ speach from the vibrations of a … Continue reading

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Why technology forecasting goes wrong

Lovely set of pieces in Slate on the Future of the Future. One article in particular caught my eye, which is an analysis of 81 technology articles and press releases going back to the 1990s in which things are said … Continue reading

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Stranger than fiction

And let’s not talk about the Amazon algorithm recommending certain ‘ingredients’ terrorists may have missed!

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Chinese translation of Digital Vs. Human

The only country, I believe, that’s translated every single one of my books is China.

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Getting a little Orwellian?

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Is the future female?

Discuss in not less than 200 words…

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