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Couple of entries from the February issue of brainmail, which will be out very soon. With the possible exception of cigarettes, no openly declared war on a large-scale social problem has ever resulted in defeat for the enemy. Ref: Foreign … Continue reading

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How many friends are to many friends?

It was interesting to note that the word of 2009 was ‘Unfriending.’ Are we finally waking up to the fact that when it comes to friendship it’s quality not quantity that counts? My friend Matt recently sent me a note … Continue reading

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Question time

The mass media is incapable of extended linear argument – discuss…

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Save the date

The world’s population hits 7 billion on 26 August 2011. That seems very precise to me. Is there some kind of digital scanner hooked up to pediatric departments globally? Maybe we should have countdown clocks displayed on the bodies of … Continue reading

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Future of Childhood

If you’re in New York (I’m not unfortunately ) on 12 February there’s a NYC future salon event on the Future of Childhood at the Stone Creek Bar, 140 E. 27th Street. Might be worth checking it out.

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The Future of Money

Like predictions about the paperless office, forecasts about a cashless society have been around for a while. For example, six years ago AC Nielsen said that only 10% of transactions in the US would be cash by the year 2020. … Continue reading

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It’s life Jim, but not as we know it

I heard this on BBC radio a few days ago. It can’t be true. Can it? Apparently, more people have attended Star Trek conventions in the US than have given blood. While I’m on the health and medicine theme, Boots … Continue reading

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Day in the Life

On the basis that one in a thousand people might actually be interested here’s my day. Got up and read the papers. Particularly taken with two stories. The first one was about ambulances being fitted with wider stretchers and lifting … Continue reading

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From the internet to wine and ideas

I was struggling with The Future of the Internet last night (it’s a book) so I returned to Liquid Memory: Why Wine Matters by Jonathan Nossiter. The start of this is tedious, but once he gets going it’s great. I … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the future of pensions in the UK

Here’s the pensions scenario set. It was broadly agreed that the state will move away from pensions provision and so will employers – which leaves things firmly at the feet of individuals, most of whom seem to ignore the issue … Continue reading

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