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(Update) On the Future of Public Libraries

I’ve done an update to my thinking on public libraries called ‘Novel Spaces: The Future of UK Public Libraries’, which can be found here. It’s for Quadrapheme, an online literary magazine. Apparently, the next issue features an essay arguing that … Continue reading

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Memory & Understanding: Paper versus Pixels

A study by Pam A. Mueller of Princeton and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of UCLA has found that US college students who take notes on laptop computers are more likely to record lecturers’ words verbatim. Sounds like a good thing, but … Continue reading

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Photo cluster bombs

              What do you do if a violent suspect or terrorist runs around the corner or into a building? You might stick your head around the corner, or into the building, but that could … Continue reading

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Wearable computing that isn’t

  It’s not just me then. I bought a Nike Fuel Band a while back to see if it worked. It did. I walked a bit more. The dog often went out twice rather than once. But then it started … Continue reading

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Back in the day

Have you noticed how people are saying “back in the day” all of a sudden? Even people that weren’t born “back in the day”. What does it mean? OK, it’s the title of a (2014) film, but surely that’s not … Continue reading

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Signs of the future

I try not to post more than once a day, but this is so good and related not only to my top extinctions list but also to the timeline of emerging technologies, which is coming out very soon. Click on … Continue reading

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Things that might disappear by 2050

Some of you might remember the extinction timeline I designed with Ross Dawson a few years ago and perhaps even the update, which for some strange reason I did as an oil painting (it seemed like a really good idea … Continue reading

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Why water can be good for you

As some of you might know, I’m a fan of clutter (“If a messy desk is the sign of a messy mind, what then can be said of an empty desk?” – Einstein or thereabouts). However, things have started to … Continue reading

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The normalisation of abnormal behaviour

Spotted in Birmingham yesterday. I know it’s a bit of fun, but it does worry me a little.

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Map of emerging science & technology

Seems my trends & technology timeline from 2010 has made it to Iran (above). BTW, my new emerging technologies timeline that I’m doing with Imperial College is done (below) and now just needs some design polish. It has been thought … Continue reading

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