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New book – no end in sight

I’ve had a terrible couple of days doing nothing whatsoever of apparent value. But today inspiration stuck and I suddenly thought of a great line to finish off one of the two books I’m finishing of. It’s a spin on … Continue reading

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Things we know for sure

Here’s a book some folks may be interested in (if you liked Future Minds or Alone Together you may like this…). The Tyranny of Email: The Four Thousand Year Journey to Your Inbox by John Freeman BTW, just been thinking … Continue reading

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Unrest in Europe

Here’s a semi-serious prediction. High levels of youth unemployment in Europe will trigger unusually high levels of social unrest and crime and we will see a coup in a Western-European country (generals running Spain or Greece?) by year end.

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Technology trends & predictions or 2012

Some nice bits in here – from Ajit Jaokar of FutureText (via Gerd Leonhard). Summary 1)   No bandwidth crunch 2)   Decline and fall (and re-birth) of SMS 3)   A compromise on SOPA 4)   Facebook impacts beyond ads 5) and the business model … Continue reading

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Quick quote

“If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that, in the long run — and often in the short one — the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative.” – Arthur C. Clarke

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The blog is getting to be a bit of a struggle with two new books, both with the same deadline. Fortunately one is done, but I keep having ideas for things that should perhaps be included. And don’t anyone mention … Continue reading

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Indoor Play

According to Play England, only 20% of children in the UK frequently play outside near their homes. A generation ago the figure was over 70%. 33% of current kids have never climbed a tree or built a den and 10% … Continue reading

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Historical views of the future

Couple of good things today. The first is something I stumbled upon looking for a reference to the economist John Maynard Keynes. It’s an essay he wrote in 1930 about life in the year 2030. It’s a good read, especially … Continue reading

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Future Minds & Arthur C. Clarke

Nice review of my book Future Minds hit my inbox this morning. I like that I’m described as “….a humanist rather than a techie and a pragmatist rather than a dogmatic zealot.” Blog review here if anyone is interested.The screen … Continue reading

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Generational attitudes to work

A study by Adecco, a recruitment firm, says that 20% of employers in the UK feel that UK school leavers make better workers than university graduates. The skills that were found to be most lacking were soft interpersonal skills and, … Continue reading

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