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Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Religion

My dream project? Scenarios for the future of religion. Maybe one day. In the meantime, a good article on the impact of AI on religion here.

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A Quick Scenario Methodology

Just been thinking about how you might create some vaguely useful scearios if you have a matter of hours at your disposal rather than days or weeks. 1. Explain the purpose of the scenario exercise – generally to stretch a … Continue reading

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Strategy Conversation Cards

Long-time readers may remember that as well as maps I have a thing for cards. I’ve previously helped to create a set of cards for PWC to help CFOs discuss the distant future and I also created a set, along … Continue reading

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Digital v Human

I’ve decided that for the next few months this blog is going to be about the development of my next book, Digital v Human (with some exceptions). First I’ll start by adding a few things I’ve deleted. The appendix below … Continue reading

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Weak signals

  There’s some disagreement about what the term ‘weak signal’ represents in terms of emerging trends or scenario thinking, but I like to think of them as hidden or ambiguous signals of change. In my view weak signals generally represent … Continue reading

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Videos and articles on Scenario Planning

            As regular readers will know, my book on scenario planning (co-written with Oliver Freeman) is now out. At some point I’ll create some short films about both the book and the wider concept of … Continue reading

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Resources for scenario planning and futures thinking

The problem, of course, with saying that you are not blogging for a while (previous post) is that when you start blogging again it could reasonably be expected that you will say something hugely important. Well sorry to disappoint, but … Continue reading

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Futures House Europe, the new scenarios and futures research company of which I’m co-founder, is now fully up online. Weirdly, most of the initial interest seems to be in one-day events for leadership teams looking at 2020 and physical study … Continue reading

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40 Years of scenario planning

  Busy today, so here’s a picture I took last year at an event celebrating 40 years of scenario planning at Shell. Note: Mostly men! BTW, one thing I did read today* that I liked was a linkage between gym … Continue reading

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Scenario Planning Process – Part 2

I attended an event celebrating 40 years of Shell scenarios last night, so it seems an appropriate moment to follow up on Part 1 of my 20 scenario planning tips and tricks. Here, in no particular order, is an assortment … Continue reading

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