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Don’t just do something, sit there

While I’m on the subject of digital detox (previous post), a few of you might have school age kids on holiday at the moment. Chances are you are frantic trying to organise things for the little darlings to do. Don’t. … Continue reading

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Switching off

                  Seems that the world has finally caught up with the idea that we are becoming too connected and that a little disconnection from time to time would be a good thing. … Continue reading

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The Future of Holidays

                        I’m working on a project exploring holidays five, ten and fifteen years hence. Two questions for anyone that’s interested (perhaps you are on holiday and have nothing else … Continue reading

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Digital security

Seems that the Kremlin has starting using typewriters and paper again to avoid damaging leaks of digitally produced information (Huffington Post). Reminds me of prediction number 6 in my book, Future Minds.      

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Technology Foresight

Some crowd-sourced timelines coming out of the Imperial College technology foresight event last week. First (red) is for cloud-based energy storage, second (yellow) is on designing materials on demand, third (blue) is the merging of life and technology and fourth … Continue reading

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Foresight books

  Nice to have Future Vision (published last week in the UK) as book of the month for June at Foresight books. Here’s what they had to say: “These Worldview Scenarios are written in informal style, especially contrasted to the … Continue reading

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Technology Foresight

You probably won’t be coming along to this (invitation only I’m afraid) but there’s a Twitter stream on the build up to the event here and I’ll post some videos of the speakers in due course.

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Jobs of the Future

                Funny, you don’t write about jobs of the future for ages then two requests come along almost at once. Here’s a link for a small piece I wrote for today’s Guardian newspaper … Continue reading

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