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The rise (and fast fall) of digital culture

Hard to know what to highlight today. The woman who fell off a cliff whilst texting and trying to light a cigarette at the same time is tempting. More over taxing than multi-tasking. Apparently the women lived but a few … Continue reading

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Anxiety and mental disorder

  I was talking to a Chinese Banker last night and had an interesting discussion about the explosion of mental health problems in China caused, potentially, by rapid social and technological change mixed with urbanisation. This chimes with a comment … Continue reading

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The world in 2045

Here’s a serendipitous update. I’ve been spending the last couple of days thinking about 2025 and 2030 so what arrives in my inbox this morning but an update on the Global Strategic Trends Programme looking at the world in 2045. … Continue reading

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The World in 2025 (and 2030)

Sorry, I’ve been doing my finest impression of a headless chicken running around for the past few days. Monday was a workshop with a large travel company looking at what the world might look like in 2025. Today it was … Continue reading

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Talk of the week (and Norman no friends)

Yikes, what has happened? The feed burner usually has around 1,000 subscribers (1042 yesterday). Today it’s none. Was my last post really that upsetting or do we have a ghost or a hacker in the machine? How about a good … Continue reading

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Our Contact-less Culture

            In London one of the latest things you can do is attend a cuddle workshop, where people wander around a cushion lined studio spooning total strangers. Apparently the idea is to rediscover non-sexual touch … Continue reading

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Battery-Reared Children

According to a recent news story, 25% of them have difficulty walking and many of them are becoming disabled by rapid weight gain and a lack of proper sleep. The story in question is about battery-farmed chickens, but it could … Continue reading

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Back into the swing

Where to start? A number that recently jumped out for me was that a charity called the Child Poverty Action Group in the UK spent £1,551,000 of its income of £1,990,000 on wages (Daily Telegraph). So the primary activity of … Continue reading

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Zero distractions

Funny. I’ve just been in hospital for the day. Seems it’s a false alarm, or at least not what I thought it was. This is slightly annoying on one trivial level, because I’ve spent the last month spending like there’s … Continue reading

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Mobile (cell) phone timeline

Lovely, but what we all want, of course, is the one that starts in 2012 and goes to 2052! URL for timeline here.

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