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The End of Surgery?

  Spotted this the other day (London Evening Standard). Interesting, but I imagine that human input will be minimal once the robotic surgeons take over (20 years?). Longer -term I suspect that surgery won’t exist at all except for child-birth … Continue reading

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Cyborg Symbiosis

Spotted in the Economist.

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Oh that’s what it is…

I’ve never quite understood what the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey is. I think I’m now starting to understand.    

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Objects from the Future

I love the idea of using physical objects to provoke peoples’ thinking about the future – especially objects that don’t exist just yet! Worth a visit. V&A.

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T-Shirt Watch

Many moons ago (I’ve never used that phrase before , where did that suddenly come from I wonder?) I wrote something on weak signals and mentioned that t-shirt slogans are a good source of weak signals, emerging trends or at … Continue reading

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Are we reaching peak vegan?

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Global Strategic Trends

GST6 is just out. It’s the best publication of its type and well worth a read. Link to PDF download here.

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How was it for you?

There’s an episode of the TV series Black Mirror where the main character becomes obsessed with ‘liking’ everything. This is supposed to be fiction, but nowadays it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what’s fact and what’s fiction. … Continue reading

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Trend of the Week

We’re had dark tourism (visiting concentration camps and sites of war crimes). Now, it seems, we have Narco-Tourism. WTF.

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Digital Disruption

A nice chart to, perhaps, use alongside my Table of Disruptive Technologies. I do like the point about looking at the fundamentals of supply and demand. In my view, not enough airplay is being given to what is NOT changing. … Continue reading

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