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List of Disruptive Technologies

It’s almost done! (although hard to believe with this image).

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Happy Christmas

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I think my head is about to explode

It was such a simple idea, until…

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Dashboard of Disruptive Technologies

I know you can’t read it. It’s not ready yet.

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Learnt incompetence

Has it really come to this? I’m used to the idea that the UK can’t cope with 0.25cm of snow. But do we now need to be told how to climb stairs? I’ve added a new blog category – real … Continue reading

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A Quick Scenario Methodology

Just been thinking about how you might create some vaguely useful scearios if you have a matter of hours at your disposal rather than days or weeks. 1. Explain the purpose of the scenario exercise – generally to stretch a … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technologies List

Getting there….

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You don’t see this nowadays

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