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Robots that read bedtime stories

I thought that ‘executive summary’ nursery rhymes, for time-pressed parents to read to their children, were bad enough. I think this might be worse. Not only are we removing human interaction, we are allowing Big Tech to listen in on … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

We haven’t had any numbers for a while, so here’s a killer stat… Between 2010 and 2013, China used more cement than the US used during the whole of the Twentieth Century – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph (UK), 26.1.19.

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The Future of Universities

Something I’ve written for the Future Universites Thought Book in Australia. Free e-copies and hard copies can be found on this link. What is the purpose of a university? What should they seek to encourage? You might think that universities, … Continue reading

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Too Little Information

As I’ve said many times before, trends tend to bend. Counter-forces and negative feedback loops tend to build up and send things off in a direction that’s opposite to the one most people expect. Case in point – too little … Continue reading

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Things are on the turn…

Seen this morning….

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Zombies Rising

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Alternative Bio

I like this of yours truly: “A cross between a conductor, a wild genius, an opera romantic lead, and a matinee idol.” (my wife would add “and a bit of an idiot.”)

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If you aren’t nervous enough already, here’s something else to worry about. In December 1929, at the time of the Great American stock market crash, America suddenly fell victim to a pandemic. The disease, called psittacosis, had been known about … Continue reading

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What can’t AI do?

Oh, my goodness. I’ve started something looking at what AI can’t do and it’s turning into a real can of worms. I thought it might be simple: AI is fairly useless at creativity, not great with empathy (AI isn’t a … Continue reading

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Is spirituality is the new sex?

  I’m not sure if this is a weak signal, but it’s interesting. An analysis of the Sotheby’s art prize has found that the theme of introspection, especially spiritually, is trending upwards, while sex is trending down. The data set … Continue reading

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