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Two from U2

“In the digital age, live art is where it’s at” – Bono “People have lost their trust in what they are seeing and feeling. There is something very visceral about theatre and there is nowhere to hide” – The Edge.

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Should I Be On Twitter?

Just got an offer from a publisher in Sofia for a Bulgarian edition of Future Files. Meanwhile, working on a timeline of failed predictions for Fast Company magazine. Only problem is I can’t find anything wrong or silly from the … Continue reading

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The Future of Football

Who will host the next world cup? At risk of being issued with ridicule and red cards here are some long bets. 2018 – Russia 2022 – USA 2026 – China

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Will Christmas cards become extinct?

According to Mintel, a research company, 75% of UK homes sent a Christmas card in 2009, compared with 84% in 2006. A study by YouGov for Oxfam reveals a similar trend. Christmas card sales in Oxfam’s UK charity shops slipped … Continue reading

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Are pets recession proof?

In Japan the average women gives birth to 1.3 children – a figure well below the replacement rate. However, some populations in Japan are booming. According to Japan’s Pet food Manufacturers Association, there were 24.5 million cats and dogs in … Continue reading

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Seeing dead people

Two questions for me from attendees at an insurance industry event in the City of London yesterday. Q 1. When did you first realise that you were mad? Q 2. Do you write as well as you speak? Oh well, … Continue reading

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Stat of the week (stat of the weak?)

80% of prisoners in Britain have the writing skills of an 11-year old (or younger).

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Why parents need to unfriend their children

A study by a company called JCA, which runs school trips and outdoor adventure centres (i.e. has a vested interest in keeping kids away from computers and mobile devices) says that the use of social networking sites is leading to … Continue reading

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A Global Land Grab

According to the World Bank, agricultural production must increase by 70% by the year 2050. Why? The primary reason is demographic – there will be more people in the future and they will want something to eat. The second reason … Continue reading

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The coolest office ever?

Nothing of interest to report today other than to say that I spent most of the day at the office. Normally that wouldn’t be very interesting but I do now have an interesting office. It’s on a ship. A battleship … Continue reading

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