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Inevitable Surprises

I don’t know if this will ever make it into a book, but I wrote this over a year ago and given what’s happening with Brexit it’s perhaps worth putting out there… Chapter 1: Thinking straight “If we could first … Continue reading

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Map of Global Mega Trends

Here you go then. Use this link to get to a high resolution version. A3, A1 and rather wonderful AO sized copies on paper are available upon request (no charge except for print, post and a cardbaord tube). See you … Continue reading

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Strategic conversation cards

They’re here. They look lovely. Just working up a website to explain more….

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Strategy Conversation Cards

Long-time readers may remember that as well as maps I have a thing for cards. I’ve previously helped to create a set of cards for PWC to help CFOs discuss the distant future and I also created a set, along … Continue reading

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Strategic Trends

Last night I attended the launch of Global Strategic Trends (issue 5) out to 2045. If you don’t know it this document describes the future context for defence and security out to the year 2045, although it’s useful for general … Continue reading

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Weak signals

  There’s some disagreement about what the term ‘weak signal’ represents in terms of emerging trends or scenario thinking, but I like to think of them as hidden or ambiguous signals of change. In my view weak signals generally represent … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

            Sorry, time has flown. End of the day and no post so here’s a quick quote. “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that … Continue reading

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Strategic foresight

                          I was in Cambridge today talking about the benefits of long-term planning. It went well apart from the fact that I was speaking at 9.30 am and … Continue reading

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Strategic Wildcards

As part of the Bookends scenario project looking at the environments public libraries might have to contend with in the year 2030, Oliver Freeman and myself have come up with a set of playing cards to help individual libraries test … Continue reading

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The Future of National Libraries

Ellen at the State Library of NSW has sent me a link to a paper from the National Library of Scotland (NLS) that considers the influences that will shape the development of the NLS over the next 20 years. I … Continue reading

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