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Can you teach a computer to be curious?

Good question right? But be careful, reinforcement learning isn’t necessarily the same thing as curiousity to my mind. Also, I think curiousity is on a spectrum. Sure you can build carrot/stick and right/wrong motivations into a machine, but can you … Continue reading

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Cost of People Vs Automation

Via McKinsey.

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Question of the Week

Following on from my rather frivolous brainmail post last week, how about something a bit meatier and more provative? How about this for a question: could memory be partly inherited biologically? For example, could you inherit a memory of an … Continue reading

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Brainmail on the Blog

OMG, he’s only gonna dunnit. Brainmail issue 107 is on the blog. Blinder. You want some news? No time for that this month. It’s that oxymoron called school holidays and I’m a bit freaking stressed out. Even my pumpkins are … Continue reading

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An anti-men trend?

Not sure if it’s just me, but misandrous attitudes and behaviour seem to be on the rise. A reaction to misogyny? I’m not sure if this is an example or not, but ‘stamped out’ is quite agressive. Imagine, for a … Continue reading

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