Where’s Watson?

Where have I been? LinkedIn mainly. I will try to be here more often in the future. Much to post, but let’s start with this article about when innovations succeeed – or fall flat. Best read having looked at Gartner’s Hype Cycle and my own Table of Disruptive Terchnologies.

Colouring in novels

OK, how’s this for how the brain works.  I’m writing some powerpoint slides for a presentation and the new version keeps adding titles for any image I insert. I went to bed, obviously subconsciously remembering a point madfe by a sci-fi writer friend of mine called `Lavie Tidhar about illustration being expensive for kids books. I woke with the idea of having blank panels in the book with captions describing the empty space – the implication being that the reader has to imagine for themselves what the image would look like. 

I mentioned this to Lavie later and he added “it’s a colouring in novel. ” The kids draw their own illustrations.

Back to the Future

Look what I just found in an office clear out – my brain 15-years ago!
This is an article from BRW (Australia) from 2006. Tempting as it is to throw this away and pretend I never said any of it, how is it looking? 1). Demographics. I’d say pretty good. The 65+ crowd are indeed growing and the mass migrations point is bang on. 2). Sleep. Yes. I seem to remember Ikea in particular taking notice of this back then. 3). Robotics and AI. Ambigous. Was I referring to narrow AI (which we’ve already got in spades) or broad/general AI which we haven’t. Then again I did say 2031. 4). Nano and genetics. Yup. 5). Simplicity. Nope. Not a glimmer. But, again, this is about 2031 remember, so let’s see.