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Could the Colonels return?

Here’s a thought. What odds do you think you might get on there being a military coup in Greece within the next 12-months?

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A writer’s lament

I like this, from a letter by Herman Melville to Julian Hawthorne, as he was hurrying to finish his book, Moby Dick. Rings a little true. “I am so pulled hither and thither by circumstances. The calm, the coolness, the … Continue reading

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This means nothing

But it did make me laugh.

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Risk map

  Here’s my initial thinking for my risk map. Probabilities are guestimates and should not be taken too seriously. Impact is generally defined as economic impact and is again only an estimate. Anyone like to suggest anything else? Major Risks … Continue reading

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The zeitgeist seems to be moving from zombies to another form of the undead – robots. Don’t know if you’ve seen the TV series Humans, but it touches on the key theme of what’s real (human) and what isn’t wonderfully. … Continue reading

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Digital v Human (trust metrics)

Now this is a digital development that I do like!

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Digital risks

I don’t know if you saw an article in the Sunday Times (UK) last weekend about babies being given iPads? According to Prof Annette Karmiloff-Smith from Birkbeck College: “children who are given the computers will show better signs of development, … Continue reading

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New Risk Map

Rough is done. Give it a week or two and I’ll have something presentable.

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Aren’t they all?

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Not in the book

Nothing directly related to the new book at the moment other than to say that the chapter on money and the economy isn’t working. There is one quote I spotted in The Week, which could have gone in the book, … Continue reading

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