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Or, perhaps, dream drunk, implement sober.

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3D Print Futures

Just been playing around with a scenario matrix for the future of 3D printing. The vertical axis seems obvious – whether control remains closed or opens up (i.e. is the copyright of designs vigorously defended or opened up). The horizontal … Continue reading

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Russian expansionism

              Just spotted this at the end of my book Future Files – 2012 update, page 302. “Russia will become more nationalistic (and go outward militarily).” This wasn’t my idea. It stems from reading … Continue reading

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Technology hype cycles

Just finishing off something on 3D printing (bigger than the internet or just a load of plastic junk?) and thought I’d share this with you. As you can see, consumer 3D printing is at the top of the hype cycle … Continue reading

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Brainmail issue 89 is alive

Just to let you know that that brainmail just went up. If you don’t know about it brainmail is a digital cabinet of curious facts and wonderful ideas that’s been feeding hungry minds since 2004. It’s still free so why … Continue reading

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Women (not) in the movies

A report called ‘It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World’, looking at the 100 biggest grossing US movies of 2013, found that men played around 70% of onscreen speaking roles, 71% of major characters were men and 85% of characters deriving the … Continue reading

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Things you should be able to do in your local library

Sorry, got caught up with some work and then somehow managed to open the car door onto my head, which confused me a bit. How is this even possible? Still rather sore 3 days on. Anyway, libraries… Following on from … Continue reading

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Why people use libraries

So it turns out that one of the most popular questions asked of public librarians in the Netherlands is….”where are the toilets?” Joking aside, the cleanliness and quality of bathrooms isn’t a bad USP. With McDonald’s it’s one of the … Continue reading

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Weedy idea

Off to Amsterdam today to talk with some Dutch library folks, but continuing with the first chapter of my new book so highly engaged with what’s going on around me as I may be able to use it in some … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on retail

I was asked recently to briefly say something about IT, retail, humans and the future. The first two are easy. The last two less so. What do we mean by future? I met a science fiction writer called Lavie Tidhar … Continue reading

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