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Future of flying

  I love this clip from 1975. I’d say about half of the predictions have been proven right and half are very wrong.

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When no news is good news

Sorry for the radio silence but I’ve been in Paris for a week doing some work and reveling in the joys of disconnection (i.e. I gave my ancient GF4 Powerbook to someone recently and I can’t decide whether to replace … Continue reading

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Quiet desperation

I’ve just been to New York and was lucky enough to get whisked through a private security channel at Heathrow. This was obviously so that I didn’t get caught up with the chaos elsewhere in the airport. I presume that … Continue reading

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Too Much Stuff

Are you suffering from stuffocation? There are 800 self-storage facilities in the UK, the same number as the whole of the rest of Europe put together. What are people keeping in there? Why can’t they just get rid of it? … Continue reading

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Why death and dying are important for creativity

I have written at length about where people do their ‘best thinking’ and which tools should be used for different types of problem. But there’s one place where people think very clearly indeed, but which is not spoken about very … Continue reading

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Is Europe the new Japan?

Remember Japan’s lost decade in the 1990s? Possibly not, but essentially what happened was that a combination of low interest rates, rapidly rising land/real estate values, borrowing and speculation ended when Japan’s Ministry of Finance suddenly raised interest rates. This … Continue reading

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Japan Watch

When it comes to the adoption of new technology, (eg, robotics and digital money), Japan is usually ahead of other countries. It’s also leading the trend demographically. The rapid ageing of Japanese society is a sign of things to come … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the future of aviation

OK, I need some help. I’m doing a talk about the future of aviation to the British Air Line Pilots Association (BALPA). It’s essentially a trends talk, but I want to end on a slide showing a rough scenario matrix … Continue reading

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Thought for the day

Thought for the day is from Rob Campbell, Head of Planning at Wieden + Kennedy in Shanghai: “Behind every what is a why”. BTW, interesting set of pictures of Liam Fox (MP) caught in an embrace with an adult film … Continue reading

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An Age of Anxiety

Some nice thoughts in Rohit Taiwar’s Fast Futurescape newsletter (issue 24) a few days ago. One thing that especially caught my attention was around austerity and anxiety: “As government austerity measures set in across the more heavily indebted nations, a … Continue reading

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