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Climate change

Apart from the odd expert (and let’s face it, experts can be very odd), most intelligent people would accept that something is happening to the world’s weather. The only question is what. Some people say it’s going to get colder … Continue reading

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Speed (the lack of)

Here’s a funny thing. Thanks to technology and globalisation life is speeding up. But some things are actually slowing down. Traffic speeds in London are now slower than they were fifty years ago. The new VW Golf GTi is slower … Continue reading

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Reinvention of public transport

It would seem logical that as roads (and parking spaces) fill up there would be a growth in public and mass transport. However, the car is so linked to ideas of individualism, freedom, private space and personal identity that we … Continue reading

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Just relax

The more life speeds up, the more people will want to step off for a while. Hence the growth in spa experiences, personal indulgences and stress relief holidays. This trend is even influencing domestic architecture and interior design with bathrooms … Continue reading

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Traditionally, politics was a battle between governments and Unions. More recently it was a battle between companies and Unions brokered by governments. But these days there’s a third force — Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Membership organisations and special interest groups are … Continue reading

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Blurring and convergence

One of the key drivers of global change is the convergence of technologies. This is, in turn, driving the convergence of products and ultimately services. Meanwhile, over in business (and especially retail), we are experiencing a blurring of industries and … Continue reading

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The paradox of globalisation

The more globalisation takes hold the more powerful small local players become. Equally, the stronger the forces of globalisation, the more important provenance and personalisation become. There is even a school of thought that says globalisation is coming to an … Continue reading

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Car politics

According to the New Economics Forum (a UK think tank), owners of 4×4 (SUV) vehicles should be forced to display health warnings on the side of their cars similar to the health warnings seen on cigarette packs. We’ve already seen … Continue reading

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Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) is a technology that uses an antenna, transceiver and transponder in conjunction with the radio frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum to identify objects, animals or people. RFIDs are similar to barcodes except that scanning … Continue reading

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In 2002, 42,815 people died on America’s roads and while cars have been getting safer for years there is still a way to go. Future innovations will probably include the widespread adoption of technologies like lane warning and guidance devices, … Continue reading

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