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The Museum of Failure

Just found this. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. It reminds me slightly of Stephen Pile’s Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain (which was forced to close after the founder was shown to be far too competent to … Continue reading

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The re-invention of public libraries

It’s funny. The moment someone declares something as dead, chances are that whatever it is (vinyl records, fountain pens, paper books, watches, dumb-phones, bespoke tailoring, cinema, polaroid cameras, postcards, beer, butter, cider, cycling, Russia …) it reappears, often with renewed … Continue reading

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The Future of Education

I posted this a few months ago, but given the volume of articles in the papers recently about exam results (and artificial intelligence) I think it’s worth a re-post.

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Peak Stuff of another kind

Thanks to Stephen Green for this. Source BBC Future.

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Never thought I’d see this

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What’s Next issue 39 is up

Something from the latest issue of my What’s Next report. Free as always. Click here for the link. An emotional future. Schools around the world have started to teach children computer coding on the basis they will have to program … Continue reading

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Random #11

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America a non-white country by 2050

I remember reading a statistic ages ago saying that by the year 2020, more than half of US children will be non-white (NPR) and another saying that by around 2050, the historical white majority in the US will be a … Continue reading

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Time Spent

Love this. (Thanks Matt). The last one is a little depressing. Source here.

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Random #9

Where is Ivanka Trump?

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