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Is there anyone out there?

No, not blog readers, aliens. There‚Äôs a great line from Richard Neville in his book, Footprints of the Future, about the question being not being whether UFOs exist but rather why people keep seeing them. I was reminded of this … Continue reading

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Death by Powerpoint

For those of you that liked the quote a few days ago, here’s the offending powerpoint slide (via New York Times). I quite like it.

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Strategic Wildcards

As part of the Bookends scenario project looking at the environments public libraries might have to contend with in the year 2030, Oliver Freeman and myself have come up with a set of playing cards to help individual libraries test … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

Great quote yesterday on the New York Times website ( “It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control. Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.” – American Army Brigadier General H. R. … Continue reading

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Interview on ABC Radio

If you are interested (you probably aren’t) here’s a one hour ABC interview with me about ‘the future’ complete with five of my all-time favourite songs (they didn’t let me include rock music otherwise I’d have had ACDC, The Killers … Continue reading

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How the Digital Influences the Physical

I love this (via Mark McCrindle – Boy aged six to his mother: “Mum, I’m putting the bread in the toaster. Do I put it in landscape or portrait.”

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Fifty Things We Might Say in the Future

1. It was called blogging. It was hugely popular. 2. We used metal and bits of paper to pay for things back then. 3. People would dry the leaves, roll them up in paper and set fire to them. 4. … Continue reading

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Return to Real

Something else along similar lines, this time taken from an interview with the writer Philip Pulman in the Financial Times. ” That is exactly what I miss with the internet. Moving a little mouse about and seeing a cursor zipping … Continue reading

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The Return to Real

I can’t resist this. I’m reading an essay in Harper’s magazine (US) about the life and death of great American newspapers (Harper’s November 2009, ‘Final Edition by Richard Rodriguez) and there’s a great quote, which I agree with: ” Something … Continue reading

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Quotes about the future

Choice quote via Matt D: “The writer Douglas Adams observed how technology that existed when we were born seems normal, anything that is developed before we turn 35 is exciting, and whatever comes after that is treated with suspicion.”

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