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A good quote

I’m up to my eyes at the moment so I apologize about using another quote. Life returns to something vaguely resembling normal in about a month. “At it’s best, the Internet can educate more people faster than any other media … Continue reading

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Good bye to all that

What is it about human nature that means we usually react after the event? Its was pretty obvious that one day my main computer’s hard drive would crash to the point where it would be inoperable or it would be … Continue reading

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24,450 reasons to get in touch

Well brainmail is finally up. Two issues no less (don’t worry, that’s unlikely to happen again). BTW, if there are any journalism or media students out there that fancy helping out with future issues do get in touch. So what … Continue reading

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Past views of the future

I’m researching a few ideas for one of my new books and just came across an old book called Looking Backward: 2000-1887. The book was written in 1888 about someone that falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in the … Continue reading

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Why ten is the safest number

A few years ago a statistical study of murders in New York City highlighted some interesting trends. The study, covering all 1622 murders that occurred between 2003-2005, found that men (including boys) were responsible for 93% of all murders. Victims … Continue reading

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Steam punk heaven!

This is too cool for words – a way to integrate your iPad with a manual typewriter keyboard. I don’t even own an iPad, but may now have to buy one just to get this out on the train (or … Continue reading

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Creative Cities

Found this last week… Between 1551 and 1801 the population of London grew from 80,000 to 865,000. This was despite the fact that during this period overall deaths exceeded births in the capital.  This can partly be seen as London … Continue reading

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Digital cash – nothing to see

Here’s a link to the PDF of my 2012 map. Regarding Europe, which features heavily towards the centre of the map, I had an interesting chat with Anthony Hilton from the Evening Standard the other night about the European situation. … Continue reading

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Seven Sides of Cyber

1). Everyday acceleration. People are spending more time online and are increasingly ‘always on.’ I even heard a father recently say that his teen now exists in one of two states: “Asleep or online”. Add to this the impact of … Continue reading

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Idea of the week

In the UK you can get free off-peak bus travel if you are aged 60+ So here’s a thought. If the vibrancy and creativity of a city partly depends on the number of young people living and working in and … Continue reading

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