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Fauxstalgia again


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A computer walks into a bar…

                In 1956, John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) to describe the type of machine-based intelligence that he thought would be reality within ten years. Warp-drive to 2012 and AI still … Continue reading

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The Future of Flying

                          I wish I’d seen this before I did a presentation to the British Airline Pilots Association. Some good futuristic stuff in here, much of which I’ve seen … Continue reading

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The Future of shopper behaviour (and the shape of cities).

  How’s this for a coincidence. Two emails in of 24-hours from two different companies asking about shopper behaviour in 2030. Both were food companies. There was a third a month ago. On a somewhat different note I had a … Continue reading

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                  New book #1 is done. Now to catch up with What’s Next, which is now so late it’s almost historical (and hysterical). Several things caught my eye today. Firstly, a new … Continue reading

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Finding the time to think

                              Two days ago I was in London speaking at a conference on resilient water resources. My brief was to speak about how people in the water … Continue reading

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Image of the week

Off to a conference about water today, one of my favourite subjects alongside oil (yes they do mix actually). Also, love this for some reason…a bit Blade Runner perhaps?

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Generational change & technology use

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, but if you haven’t it’s worth watching. It’s a small child seemingly at home with an iPad but not with a magazine. Click here for video.

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Looking backwards

              A nice quote from Stewart Brand, reviewing a book by George Dyson called Turing’s Cathedral: “One of the best ways to comprehend the future of something is to study its origins deeply.” I couldn’t … Continue reading

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The World in 2020

Here are the headline results of what the world might look like in 2020 based upon a conversation with 130 people in a workshop in Dubai yesterday. Some information has been left out due to confidentiality, but what remains is … Continue reading

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