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Psychological neotency

Psycho what? Psychological neotency is a theory developed by Professor Bruce Charlton at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK) that says that the increased level of immaturity among adults is an evolutionary response to increased change and uncertainty. This initially sounds … Continue reading

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1930s again?

I spotted a blog post a few days ago about the return of the 20s aesthetic in fashion. I don’t know whether this is true, but if it is it’s weird because if anything we are re-living the 1930s not … Continue reading

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2012 Trends

26 words to describe 2012. Unless you live somewhere like Asia, in which case the list would be totally different. If you don’t recognise something look it up at BTW, I have a feeling that Bifurcation – meaning forking … Continue reading

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Emergent (embedded) risks

Here’s something to make your heart beat faster. I was at a conference last week about data security and one of the issues that’s starting to get talked about is denial of service attacks on implanted medical devices. Yikes!

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What’s most valuable to you?

Here’s a blog bonus for Saturday. If you house was burning down and you could only take what you could carry, what would it be? I think this question should be part of every employers standard testing technique… Found out … Continue reading

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A quote about failure

“We will all be failures, but at least be a magnificent, noble failure’. Advice given to Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, by a teacher at Harrow School of Art.

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On Filing

I got a friend of mine, Douglas, to write this for me more than ten years ago. It’s been sitting in a file. Reading it now it’s as though it was written in another century, which, of course, it was… … Continue reading

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Game theory

Does anyone know any experts, ideally academics, in game theory? I’m also looking for an expert in Red Team thinking from a non-defence perspective.

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Cost of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime costs the UK economy £27 billion per year, £21 billion of which is carried by business. UK Department of Cyber Security.

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Stansted airport rip-off

A little rant. If you are travelling out of the UK anytime soon try and avoid leaving through Standsted airport or, if you have to, make sure you pack a small re-sealable plastic bag. Why? Because unlike every other airport … Continue reading

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