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Public libraries: A long-overdue argument

I’m just playing around with these thoughts. Any comments for or against would be most welcome. There was a report in a newspaper a while ago about a mother whose six-year-old had asked her whether he should put a slice … Continue reading

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Random thought on the 13.30 to Newcastle

Today I read something Oliver Sacks wrote many years ago about a man with a severe case of amnesia. His memory was 30-seconds long. Sacks said the patient was “isolated in a single moment of being with a moat of … Continue reading

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London riots – quote of the week

” If the young men are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.” African proverb

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Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

A report in the newspaper today that a seventy-year-old woman (Dawn Sword) had died alone and lay at home for six months until her decomposed body was discovered. Reminds me of the opening lines of my book, Future Files, which … Continue reading

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Inspiration strikes!

Typical. I’ve just spent half a day drafting some material for a TEDx talk in Poland next month and had to junk the whole thing. I was planning, yet again, to talk about how architecture influences thinking when I suddenly … Continue reading

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Help Yourself Culture & the Future of Policing

I’ve been away from computers for a week so I’ve had no chance to comment on the London riots, which is probably a good thing because, as usual, most people seemed intent on publishing without really thinking first. So, with … Continue reading

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Why is anger all the rage?

Why is everyone so angry? Why is grim survivalism the current zeitgeist? To quote a leader in the Financial Times a while back, it might be that “The nice decade (for non-inflationary continuous expansion) may be behind us”. In other … Continue reading

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The Future of Libraries

Quite a fun article on public libraries by Alan Bennet in the current issue of the London Review of Books. The best bit – the hardest hitting bit – is at the end and echoes the library work I did … Continue reading

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Map of Digital Distractions.

I really wish I had done this. It’s a map showing the hierarchy of digital distractions by David McCandless. At the very top of the pyramid is “Device failure” with “iPhone” underneath. At the bottom of the pyramid is “Any … Continue reading

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Adults and teens “highly addicted” to smart phones

A research study by OfCom, the UK communications regulator, says that children and adults are becoming addiction to smart phones. Apparently, 27% of teens use phones in areas where they’re not supposed to while about 20% of adults admitted to … Continue reading

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