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Quotes about the future

I’ve got a selection of unused quotes from Future Files. Here’s the first one… “We have no future:only futures, which bleed all over the page, soaking the present” — William Gibson.

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2009 Trends Map

“What is the use of a book thought Alice, without pictures or conversations?” – Alice in Wonderland. In the spirit of images and debate here’s the link for the 2009 Trend Blend.

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2009 Trends Map

Here, at last, is my 2009 trend blend map. Here’s how it works. The main body of the map contains the mega-trends. These are, in no particular order: Global connectivity Anxiety Volatility Uncertainty Debt Power shift Eastwards Ageing GRIN technologies … Continue reading

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Scenarios for 2009+

The 2009 trends map is coming very soon but in the meantime here is something else I’ve been working on with Oliver Freeman and Wayde Bull. The drivers of change used here are the general level of optimism and whether … Continue reading

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Yet Another Case of Bad Language

Remember an Australian band from the 1980s called Midnight Oil? For those of you not familiar with Australian politics the front man, Peter Garrett, is now Federal Arts Minister. You’d think that this would be a good thing, but it … Continue reading

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The Robots are Coming

A few years ago a Japanese computer scientist called Hiroshi Ishiguro built what he claimed was the world’s most humanlike and attractive robot. The female android, modelled on a famous Japanese newscaster, was painstakingly created to appear human, not just … Continue reading

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2009 Consumer Trends

It’s almost time. This won’t be the final list but it will be close. My report 2009+ Ten Trends is almost done and I have another of the now infamous Trend Blend trend maps almost ready to go too. Ten … Continue reading

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Work Trends

In the 1980s Jobs were predictable. So were people. Work was structured around 8-hour days and 40-hour weeks and pay related to experience. Getting into the office early and staying late was therefore the way to the corner office with … Continue reading

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The World in 2009

I should probably be promoting my own 2009 Trends report but I haven’t written it yet. Actually that’s not quite true. I’ve written it four times but things keep changing. In the meantime I thoroughly recommend The World in 2009 … Continue reading

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Future Files (US Edition)

I’ve rather forgotten to mention that my book ‘Future Files’ got launched in America last week, having been launched in the UK two months earlier. If you didn’t know already the whole of the first chapter is available as a … Continue reading

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