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Brainmail on the Blog

I’m working on issue 107. Watch this space. Meantime, a podcast. Me talking about climate, loneliness, humanity, AI and Trump in a cheese shop in South Kensington.

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Quote of the Week

We are condemed to live in the present. We have neither the attention to remember the past nor the capacity to imagine the future.

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Disruptive Technologies Table (in Chinese)

A4orA3-Portrait-Handout-Disruptive-Tech print_FINAL_CH BTW, an axis seems to have gone missing. The vertical is potential for disruption.

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Food inflation

Seems wine glasses and plates are getting larger, but donut holes are getting smaller (to make room for far more donut). Less is clearly no longer more.

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Quote of the Week

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It ‘aint over ’till it’s over

Funny to see an article about the death of hand-written notes the day before I get one. What people fail to see, I think, is that the future is rarely binary. Just because one thing gets invented doesn’t mean that … Continue reading

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The book that never was

Not all of my books make it. This is the introduction from a book that’s been junked…. Introduction “The other day I was thinking, “I just over think things.” And then I thought. “Do I though?” – Demetri Martin, Comedian. … Continue reading

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Stupid Britain

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Human Stupidity

Following my post on declining IQ levels I’m starting a new blog category on observed instances of human stupidity. Here is my entry number 1. Oh, I just noticed, I already have a category called Human Stupidity and I posted … Continue reading

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Thinking too far ahead

One thing I have learned over the past 14 years is that you can be right about something and nobody listens. It’s all about timing and whom people listen to.You can be too early with an observation or prediction much … Continue reading

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