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Writer’s Block

  I’m sufferung from a total lack of motivation, possibly because neither of the two books I’m writing have deadlines. It could also be the school holidays – too many people around, too much noise, too much movement. I’d write … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“Someday a computer will give the wrong answer to spare someone’s feelings, and man will have invented artificial intelligence.” – Robert Breault.

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Future of Space – Help Wanted

I’m just starting a new timeline going out a few million years to speculate about the future of space/space travel/space colonisation. If anyone has any outlandish ideas I’m all ears. The only proviso is the ideas must be technically/theoretically possible.

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Don’t Panic…well not yet anyway

Another interesting article from Kevin…. link

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Rise of the Vegans

Seen in Athens last week. On the upside, they are all caged it seems (good job I’m not on Twitter).

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What Can’t AI Do?

This was supposed to be so easy. A quick post on what AI is incapable of doing. Things we might congratulate ourselves about, especially those with an arts degree. Things that might underpin future-proof human employment perhaps. But the more … Continue reading

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Stat of the Week

“One small town, Williamson (West Virginia), with a population of just 3,000, shipped in more than 20 million opioid pills, mostly oxycodone and hydrocodone, in a seven year period.” (The New Redneck Rebellion, FT Life & Arts, 29-30 June 2019).

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Writing Places

This sits alongside my last post, perhaps. I’m looking out of a window at 39,000 feet thinking about what the lack of oxygen outside might be doing to my brain. I’m wondering why my mind is wandering and puzzling how … Continue reading

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Writing Rooms

I’m out of the office. Well, I’m away from my usual office at any rate. I’m writing and my mind has wandered off into the distance to consider how a room, or a view at least, can impact how one … Continue reading

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Algorithmic bias

As AI becomes more critical to the inner workings of the world, more attention is being paid to the inner workings of computer code. AIs already make millions of decisions about who gets a job, who gets a home loan … Continue reading

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