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Artificial Stupidity in Education

This needs wider attention. From the artficial stupidity blog. New Public Management and Education Setting targets in the NHS which ignore the fundamental context  in which hospitals and administrators work – the care of health – has catastrophic, lethal consequences. Setting targets … Continue reading

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What is the question?

Two new blogs I’m fast becoming a fan of. The first is The Red Hand Files by the Australian singer/composer/actor Nick Cave. The second, Brainpickings by the American reader and writer Maria Popova. Well worth a few minutes of your … Continue reading

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Quote for the Week(end)

“Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science. But man needs both.” – From the Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.

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Energy Futures

From children’s books and streets of the future (see yesterday’s post) to the distant future of energy. especially zero-point energy and metalic hydrogen energy storage and transmission. Both feature on my table of distruptive technologies (17 out of 100 entries … Continue reading

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Future Cities

I seem to be carving out a niche with books about the future for kids. I’ve just contributed to a second, the updated version of A Street Through Time, published by DK £10.99. Works well, I think, alongside the future … Continue reading

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If you don’t like something do something about it

The best bit from the BBC series Years and Years (set in the near future). Watch from about 2-minutes in (2:40 to be precise). The £1 t-shirt (more often the £5 jeans and fast fashion generally) is a perfect way … Continue reading

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Hedonistic sustainability

I’m not sure this is a trend as such, but the concept is certainly interesting. On top of the Copenhill power plant in Copenhagen the architect has placed a dry ski-slope. Why? Why not? The architect uses the term “hedonistic … Continue reading

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Time to Think

I’ve started buying old watches, notably old diver’s watches from the 1960s and 1970s. They are generally cheap as chips, unless you pick a big brand. The one in the picture is a fairly obscure Sicura from the 1960s (probably). … Continue reading

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Image of the Day

Just had a lovely lunch at Riddle & Finns (in Brighton) with my web guy Matt Doyle (from Robertson NSW). I should perhaps have used this image above (seen pasted to a wall in Brighton) for yesterday’s post about dead … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

Not 100% true (floppy discs or zip drives anyone?), but I like the thought.

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