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Plane stupidity

I’ve been in Greece doing some stuff. The hotel was very nice, but to be frank it could have been anywhere. Interestingly, the guests were largely American, although that’s probably because the hotel was linked to a large American chain. … Continue reading

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Trends for 2011 (I know, I know)

                    Time to revisit this, I think. It’s a list of predictions (I know, I don’t do them) for 2011, originally published in the Courier Mail in Australia in January 2011. … Continue reading

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Quote + rant

Here’s a quote you may like. I’ve spent most of the day planting box hedging, largely because it’s deeply satisfying, unlike my ‘new’ (it’s a 3) iPhone, which has become so annoying that I’ve given up trying to fix it. … Continue reading

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Future of Flight (good graphic summary)

Links with a nice video here and some previous posts on the future of aviation here.  

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Cover for new book (the other one)

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My thought for the day

                  I should have used this thought in one of the books, but it’s too late now. “Given enough time, the opposite always applies.” (RW)   Image: kyle mackenzie

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What cities will look like in 1950 (a view from 1925)

A lovely graphic via retronaut.

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Smart books, lost dogs and no man’s land

It is still holiday time so don’t expect too much here. Today I’m doing some final comments on one of my books, Future Vision, and trying to work out how the dog got out of the garden over the weekend … Continue reading

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Shedquarters takes shape

The new office is taking shape. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to park my old car right behind my new office desk. BTW, my ‘sensible’ office remains onboard HMS President on the River Thames.

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How people spend money in America

                            It’s been a while since we’ve had a bit of data visualization so here’s a nice info-graphic showing how the poor in America spend their money … Continue reading

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