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The Last Post

I’ve given up thinking about the future. For a while. On the one hand I’m being swamped by so much incoming information that I can’t think straight. On the other hand the present has become so weird and intense (Tsunamis, … Continue reading

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Our obsession with immediacy

I’m starting to think that all newspapers should be read historically so as to avoid futile analysis. Reading stories that are at least a week old allows the dust to settle and the air and the view ahead seem crisper. … Continue reading

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Future Files – in French (Merci bien Jérôme!)

Jérôme Defaix (whom I’ve never met but now like enormously) has just translated chapter one of Future Files into French. I guess this means he liked it. If anyone would like a copy just email me and I’ll send the … Continue reading

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National insecurity

Here’s a very interesting statistic. China spends more money on internal security than external defence. Furthermore, the internal security budget is growing faster than the external defence budget. Why would this be so? Ref: The Economist, March 12-18 edition (page … Continue reading

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Education wants and want nots

I’ve just been in Hong Kong experiencing, amongst other things, the power of the Chinese economy (nobody is interested in you in shops if you speak English or the local Cantonese. They assume you haven’t got any money. Mandarin is … Continue reading

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Retail scenarios for 2022

I’m doing something thinking about what lies ahead with some people that run shopping malls in South Africa and I’ve been trawling around for information on ‘retail futures’. Below is an edited version of some thinking done by Forum for … Continue reading

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No right side of the brain left behind

The emphasis of education is all wrong. We are obsessed with educating the left side of the human brain when it is precisely this side that computers are getting so good at copying. We should spend more time educating the … Continue reading

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Digital Dad

I’ve been in Spain eating ham and drinking sherry (yes it was work). Not much to report except to confirm that the most interesting conversations at conferences do indeed happen in the bar afterwards. Tuesday night it was a discussion … Continue reading

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The Future of Books and Bookshops

I had an interesting conversation with one of my publishers last week about the general state of book retail in the UK. I’m always interested in this subject, but I’m especially interested at the moment because I’m taking part in … Continue reading

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Alone Together

I can resist everything except temptation. And books. I have a load of books I’m supposed to be reading (the Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain, An Optimists Tour of the Future by Mark Stevenson, Your Flying Car Awaits … Continue reading

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