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Never confuse movement with progress

Thanks to Ivona for this (it’s her desk).

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Inevitable Surprises

I don’t know if this will ever make it into a book, but I wrote this over a year ago and given what’s happening with Brexit it’s perhaps worth putting out there… Chapter 1: Thinking straight “If we could first … Continue reading

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Scenarios from the past

Just found these three from the distant past. Top one is mine with Oliver Freeman, middle one ditto, bottom one is PWC.  

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Reminds me of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland in 2013 when local officials covered up abandoned shops with posters so that the G8 delegates couldn’t see what was really happening to the town economically. In one former butcher’s shop … Continue reading

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Predictions about the Future

“Every prediction, consciously or unconsciously, is a critique of both present and past” (Source: me having a rare moment of clarity) Image: futuristic city wallpapers

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The Future of Cities (a childlike perspective from Lego)

I think I’ve found my intellectual level – under ten-year-olds. Please note that the competition entry link might not appear (nothing to do with me!).

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Trends Vs Fads

Is this a trend, a counter-trend or a fad? It’s not a trend to my mind – not large enough in scale or fast enough in velocity. It could be a classic counter-trend. The bigger a macro-trend the greater the … Continue reading

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Facebook Fatigue

Sums it up pretty well. The other metaphor I quite like is that it’s like you’ve been going to confession for about ten years and you suddenly find out that everything you said to the priest has been sold on … Continue reading

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