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New Trends for 2012 (a compilation)

I’ve been spending a while wandering around cyberspace (and a few good newsagents) looking at what other people are saying about 2012 and the most interesting thing is something that’s not there. Overall, there isn’t much good material on 2012 … Continue reading

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The Strategic Use of Lunch

Here’s the third (of three) top posts from the past year or so. — 6 million workers in the UK do not take lunch breaks according to a study by BUPA, a health insurance company. 34% say this is because … Continue reading

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New Rules for Innovation (on innovation process & culture)

This is the second of three ‘best of’ posts. This was originally written for Fast Company magazine last year, but posted on my blog this year. Again, it’s long… — “There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of … Continue reading

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In praise of public libraries – and librarians

I’m putting together some 2012 trends material, but in the meantime I thought I’d repeat the 3 most popular postings from my blog in 2011. Here’s the first one. BTW, interesting fact. The 3 most popular posts have all been … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

This is my last post for a little while due to the holidays. Some people may like to know that issue number 30 of my What’s Next trends report has just gone live at I’ll be back with a … Continue reading

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Don’t do this at home…

31 Australians have died since 1996 by watering a Christmas tree when the lights were plugged on. Ref: Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Richard Watson Videos on YouTube etc

Apologies about the dreadful headline to this post, but I needed to put a few things in one place to help people looking for various videos, podcasts and articles, most of which are scattered all over the place.  So here … Continue reading

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Debt as a weapon

So… Not much going on today. I should be traveling to Italy, but after the chaos last year I thought that wise men might stay at home. Given that it’s just started to snow this may yet prove to be … Continue reading

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Burning Man

The week-long desert festival known as Burning Man might seem like an odd place for Silicon Valley types and assorted artists and free-spirits to unwind, especially since cell-phones won’t work, the internet is more or less unavailable (sometimes due to … Continue reading

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Here’s a little taste of the next What’s Next report out soon…. You may not have noticed this but we are becoming increasingly fascinated with the undead. Over the past few years, TV shows and computer games about Zombies have … Continue reading

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