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G’Bye (requiem for a way of life)

After eight and a half years based in Australia I am returning to England. It’s a tough call, but the commute between Sydney and London finally got to me, especially the occasion, a few months ago, when I did the … Continue reading

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Where Do People Do Their Best Thinking?

You may remember that as part of my new book (Future Minds) I spoke to a few people asking them the question: “Where and when do you do your best thinking?” Here are some more responses… “Over the decades, I … Continue reading

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Dead People Everywhere

Here’s a thought. Why are there so many films about vampires, ghosts and mediums around at the moment? Could it be connected to the baby boomer bulge? That there are a large number of people approaching retirement, especially in the … Continue reading

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Pool side reflections

I’m sitting by a swimming pool eating watermelon and a few things have drifted into my mind, as they always do when I am removed from the normal distractions of daily existence. First, I think the idea that there is … Continue reading

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No Real Substance

I’ve got writers’ block. Actually it’s more writers’ diarrhoea – lots coming out but little, if anything, of real substance. One thing. I did a talk this morning about ‘prediction’ and the other speaker mentioned that he thought the ‘generations’ … Continue reading

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Shell-BP Merger anyone?

How about a takeover of BP by Shell? The antitrust issues would be huge, but BP is vulnerable right now and the two companies fit together rather nicely geographically. Odds?

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