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Signing off for Christmas

This is the last post for 2012. See you in 2013. Since 1996, 31 Australians have died by watering a Christmas tree with the lights on. Ref: Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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A De-Materialized Christmas

                      It’s Christmas time. You know, mistletoe and wine. Children singing Christian rhyme. We’ve got logs on the fire and gifts on the tree. But no. Wait. It’s gone all … Continue reading

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Future 50

              I cannot remember if I posted this already, but here’s the final version of the intro from “50 Things.” I’ve also discovered that Google Books have a 29-page sample available for free and … Continue reading

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2013: Hello. Goodbye.

I’ve been collaborating with Ross Dawson to create a quick visual summary of some of the things that will be appearing and disappearing in our lives in 2013. The graphic is above and a text list is below. Here is … Continue reading

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Love is a drug

Believe it or not issue 32 of What’s Next is almost done. Here’s a sneak peak… — In the midst of frantic emails and rushed meetings it’s easy to forget that we are animals at heart. Moreover, we are animals … Continue reading

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The World’s Best Public Libraries

For the last two years I’ve been walking around with a bit of red cardboard in my glasses case. The item in question is black on the reverse and the word ‘Silence’ is inscribed in small gold letters. What is … Continue reading

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The other great Dylan

I’m in Wales today, so it’s probably time for a bit of Dylan Thomas… “A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem … Continue reading

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Scenario Planning Process – Part 2

I attended an event celebrating 40 years of Shell scenarios last night, so it seems an appropriate moment to follow up on Part 1 of my 20 scenario planning tips and tricks. Here, in no particular order, is an assortment … Continue reading

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Is Kindness Viral?

                It’s almost Christmas, so perhaps acts of random kindness attract attention at this time of year. Maybe that’s too cynical. One of the most viewed images on the web last month was … Continue reading

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In the new world of work, modesty is no longer a virtue

Let’s talk about me. This focus on “Me” is a new development, especially in the UK. Traditionally, the British have been modest about their achievements. Take the Industrial Revolution. It was pure luck. It could have happened anywhere. Penicillin? Serendipity. … Continue reading

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