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Global Trends 2010 (from a 1997 perspective)

This is worth a read:a report on 2010 Trends that was written in 1996 and then revised in late 1997. Mostly geopolitics and security related. Interesting to see what they get right and what they get wrong. (I have … Continue reading

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Unusual Economic Indicators

Something just in… “You may recall that we met briefly at a seminar in the UK earlier this year and I promised to let you know of our experience of senna demand after 6 months. The top line is that … Continue reading

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Cyber Customer Service

Just when you thought that customer service couldn’t get any worse comes news that enterprise robots (i.e. customer service avatars or virtual staff) are coming to a customer call centre nowhere near you very soon. The idea (and it’s not … Continue reading

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Trend Watching

Good article in the AFR about economic trends. Citigroup’s global credit strategist (Matt King) says that the next bubble is likely to come from emerging Asian markets. I couldn’t agree more. In the short-term (next 3-5 years) King thinks that … Continue reading

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2010 Trend Map

Getting stuck into my map for 2010. Should have a second draft in 2-3 weeks, which I’ll open up for comment.

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I’d Like An Old One Please

Well what do you know? There I was reading Octane magazine (issue 75, September ’09) and on page 160 there’s a story about preserved cars (as opposed to restored cars) being a wave of the future. The article goes on … Continue reading

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Everything I Know About Innovation

I posted this a while ago on my blog and then pulled it. Here’s an updated verson that has appeared on Warning: It’s quite long! “There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, more dangerous to … Continue reading

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2010 Trends

I’ve just started thinking about trends for 2010+ Here’s my initial long-list: Globalisation unravelling Unsupervised adults Digital isolation Flight to the physical Conspicuous non-consumption Constant partial stupidity Resource nationalism Rare earths Electricity shortages Hunger for shared experiences Industrial repatriation Re-sourcing … Continue reading

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What’s Next Issue 23 is Up (Finally!)

Better late than never. The latest issue of my free What’s Next trends report is now up at (just click on the orange box on the top left on the home page). If you’re the busy type here are … Continue reading

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Jobs of the Future

Here’s a good one. I’ve just been asked if I “know of any training courses for jobs that don’t necessarily exist yet.” You what? My answer is “no”, although here’s my list of jobs that don’t quite exist yet. Email … Continue reading

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