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Feedback Fatigue (2)

Oh FFS….

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Switches, buttons & the ‘presence’ of objects

I just posted a link to this article in the comments on my previous post, but it’s worth repeating here as it’s so good. Thanks to Kevin for this btw. One passage to kick off… Pallasmaa, in his The Eyes … Continue reading

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Feedback Fatigue

Is it just me or are people getting a little fed up with constantly being ask to rate everything or press stupid smiley buttons? It’s one thing to occasionally be asked whether your food was cooked correctly, but do we … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to kill your babies

It breaks my heart, but sometimes you just have to kill an idea you’ve been working on for ages. Seems this book idea is dead. But there’ll be another one along shortly…. This book is a gentle plea for a … Continue reading

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Things that shouldn’t be connected

I’m busy writing, so here’s something I didn’t write. A list of things that probably shouldn’t be connected to the internet, but already are.

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My kinda sign

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Weak Signal?

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AI 101

There’s a huge amount of nonsense out there about AI. This is a great intro on what’s going on and what’s not. I’ll post some more if I find more worth watching.

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Something a little different…

Something a little different today. I don’t think the comment under this saying “nice vid” quite captures it. More like stunned silence for 6 minutes. While I’m at it…

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Cafes as Hubs of Disruption

From the New Yorker, What cafes did for liberalism, by Adam Gopnik (December 2018). Article here right here. Thanks to Simon, over in Sydney, for this little gem.

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