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Quote of the Week

“The more you put your life in the public domain, the smaller your life becomes. ” Kevin McCloud. (Daily Telegraph, 30 October 2015, P29)

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How ideas happen (an equation for creativity)

I was wandering aimlessly around Notting Hill in London yesterday with a few hours to kill. The key word here is aimlessly, because I strongly suspect that if I’d had a plan, or been in a frantic hurry, the following … Continue reading

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Could the old thing be the next new thing?

This is starting to get interesting. Digital detoxes, which I was speculating about back in 2010, are starting to become mainstream. A ski company used the phrase in a recent press advertisement and someone in NZ seems to have registered … Continue reading

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Digital Vs. Human (Analog Vs. Digital recording)

  I can’t honestly remember whether I mention vinyl in the new book, but I probably do. Nice piece here from a website called Smells Like Human Spirit that weighs up the vinyl vs. other debate. Plenty of clips from … Continue reading

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The Future of Cities

I went to a panel discussion last night about the future of cities. Rather disappointing. The discussion was largely about things that don’t work terribly well (broadband speeds), pinch points and how technology might help. Generally it was about how … Continue reading

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Historical books about the future

                        Just going on a tour of the science fiction library at Imperial College. Coincidently, I’m getting rather interested in acquiring original copies of old books that consider the … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Day

            To start with, a few thoughts on things in the film that have happened. Marty McFly’s self-drying jacket exists. There’s a ‘hydrophobic’ nano-fabric that repels water. I’ve got a pair of board (surf) shorts … Continue reading

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Pay attention to things they tell you not to do

I know nobody cares, but today’s question is whether or not Digital Vs Human should have references in the back of the book or on a website with links? (the fact I’m asking this online rather biases the answer I … Continue reading

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Vive la resistance!

Love this french ad. Click here.

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Show me the money (again)

                    Here’s my re-write of the chapter on money again. I must stress that this is now going into an edit process so it will come out looking slightly different. Quite … Continue reading

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