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Quote of the week

“Longing on a large scale is what makes history.” Don DeLillo. Source: World Economic Forum

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What’s on my mind?

This is weird. I had a dream that I was Donald Trump’s speach writer last night. And I was writing his speaches on leaves of iceberg lettuce using a dark blue fountain pen. WTF? More usefully, I woke up around … Continue reading

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Weak signals (an interesting sign)

So Volvo are now using the tag line “Human Made”. Meanwhile, there’s a new book out called How to be Human (I was going to use that at one point) and I’ve just seen a t-shirt with the slogan “Remain … Continue reading

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How to spot ‘weak signals’

One of the biggest problems with the current digital deluge is the tendency to no longer see what’s directly in front of us. The sheer amount of information now being passed around means that we’re becoming less able to filter … Continue reading

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In the future you will pay with your face

In the distant future I think there’s a real possibility that keys will cease to exist. Instead we will open doors with our faces. Similarly, we won’t have cash or credit cards or even Apple Pay. What we will have … Continue reading

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So essentially stay at home

Thanks due to Matt Doyle for sign spotting. Do please send any further signs in, especially any related to risk or what might be termed ‘weak signals’.

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100 Most Disruptive Technologies

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Little bit of an issue. The final table is now embargoed until Monday January 22 for various reasons. I’ll put the table and the PDF back up end of Monday. Sorry. UPDATE: NOW UP ON THIS LINK

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In-home delivery

I was eating (or attempting to) in a restaurant in London recently and the food took ages to arrive. Why? Because the kitchen kept cooking things for Uber Eat delivery drivers to collect, which seemed to take priority over the … Continue reading

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Could do better

Boring graphic from WEF. This is much more interesting….digital drinks.

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Brainmail is back

Well this is probably a record even by my abysmally low standards. The problem is that I’ve more or less given up reading newspapers, which makes finding Brainmail material more difficult. Why have I given up? Partly it’s because there’s … Continue reading

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