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Global Strategic Trends

GST6 is just out. It’s the best publication of its type and well worth a read. Link to PDF download here.

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Enough already

Seems the BBC is now acting like a tabloid newspaper. How about a bit of proper context and analysis. Enough of this scaremongering. Yes it’s a concern that the US and Russia are led by ultra-nationalists and there are far … Continue reading

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Autonomous battlefield robots

One of the 100 technologies on my table of disruptive technologies is battlefield robots. Most people will probably think of six foot bipeds out of The Terminator, but tiny insect-sized killer robots might be more realistic and far more of … Continue reading

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Strategic Trends

Last night I attended the launch of Global Strategic Trends (issue 5) out to 2045. If you don’t know it this document describes the future context for defence and security out to the year 2045, although it’s useful for general … Continue reading

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Emerging socks & technology

Saw these in a secret underground bunker. OK to say what they, but not where they’re from. Blast proof socks – presumably part of an emerging line of blast-proof underwear. Thing is that when soldiers step on mines and IEDs … Continue reading

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Formulae for future conflict

Some time ago I wrote about a formula that might predict future revolutions (essentially the number of men aged 16-24 in a population x the level of education x internet access x level of corruption/ bureaucracy/censorship x food prices x … Continue reading

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This is a classic. A while ago I wrote about a robot called EATR – an autonomous robot that wanders around the battlefield looking for bio-mass (i.e. vegetation) to turn into fuel, which in turn charges its batteries and those … Continue reading

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The Future of War

Worth watching (via Andrew Crosthwaite). Click here (6 minutes). BTW, here’s something on the future of war forecasting from What’s Next back in 2005. In the future there will be pollution forecasts, disease forecasts and war forecasts. In fact war-forecasting … Continue reading

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War and the Art of Innovation

Few quick snippets plus something longer to ponder… I forgot to say how impressed I was with the Global and Mail whilst in Canada recently. This is a really good newspaper. Couple of interesting thoughts from Tuesday’s edition. Firstly, an … Continue reading

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Smaller and smarter – the future of fighter aircraft?

Here’s an interesting thought. In 2003, when the US defeated Saddam Hussein, America logged around 35,000 flight hours using un-manned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drone aircraft to you and me). By 2009 this figure had increased to 800,000 hours and … Continue reading

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