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Random #6

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Random #5

If we don’t need to drive, we might find that we rather want to. We may return to the early days of the motor car when we drove for fun, not to go anywhere.

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Random #4

New hierarchy of human needs: Battery Wi-Fi Self-Actualisation Esteem Belonging Saftey Physiological

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Random # 3

So here’s a thought. In the future passports and passport control will be less about where you have come from or where you were born. Instead they will be more about who you are and perhaps whom you know or … Continue reading

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Random # 2

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Random # 1

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Delivery robots

So I saw one of these last night wandering around near London Bridge. I got talking to someone who said that research had shown that some customers didn’t like dealing with people when ordering delivery food. Apparently things can be … Continue reading

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The next 33 years on a single sheet of paper

A sneak peek at a talk I’m doing tonight about what’s on my new mega trends map (and what’s in my head, which is much the same thing). Plenty more of these talks to come including a few that are … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

I’m getting into deep looking (new book, long story) so this quote fits the bill. “We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory.” Louise Gluck. (Quoted in Conde Nast Traveller).

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Talking about the mega-trends map

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