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What’s Next issue 34

  …is finally up. The link is right here. Regular readers might notice that the nowandnext website has had a bit of a refresh too. The site is now more mobile and iPad friendly and hopefully cleaner too (it was … Continue reading

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Could the BRIC wall fall?

  Will the world really look like the chart above in 2050? One funny thing about predictions is that once someone has made a definitive pronouncement, events often conspire to move things in the opposite direction. Jim O’Neill, Chief Economist … Continue reading

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Cool idea of the week

From Fast Company  

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Quote of the Week

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson

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The writing is on the wall for my new book

  In the beginning was the word and the word was good. I’ve more or less worked out the structure for my new book (a sequel to Future Files essentially). I’ve also got a great opening sentence, but the name … Continue reading

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Slowing down

We’ll that’s a first. A computer telling me to slow down… Is this a weak signal? I did a talk in Belgium a while back (yes, some of them are still talking to me after I put their country on … Continue reading

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Travel & Holiday Trends

Here’s a link to a soft copy of “Destinations 2030” – the travel trends report I spoke about a little while ago. Link here.

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Quote of the week

I’ve gone off the post I posted earlier today so here’s a quote instead. “All men’s miseries stem from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Blaise Pascal

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Paper versus screens

              Does the technology that we use to read change how we read? Since as far back as the 1980s, researchers have been looking at the differences between reading on paper and reading on … Continue reading

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2014 Trends

Nice article in todays edition of Metro about what to expect in 2014. Ponderings from myself, IanPearson and James Bellini. Article here. BTW, nice slideshow here from Ross Dawson about why 2014 is the year of the crunch – when … Continue reading

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