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China Wildcard

You are going to think I’m totally mad but I have a gut feeling that China is going to collapse. Not today. Not next week. Not even next year. But I think that within the next ten years – maybe … Continue reading

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I Told You…

Remember Re-Sourcing at a trend for 2010? (Post January 9th).

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And Going Down…

and here’s a list of the industries expected to decline most rapidly in 2010. Source: IBIS World.

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Going Up in 2010

Here’s a list of the top growth industries for 2010. Note that these are Australian industries so these won’t necessarily translate to other regions.

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The Passing of Time

Just been sent this book for my birthday. Quite funny. Quite frightening too. BTW, nice quote in the FT from Christopher Caldwell: ” Although we organise our lives around time measured chronometrically, chronometry is not the way we instinctively measure … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

In the US, 40% of boys grow up without their biological father.

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Digital Death

Regular readers might (just) remember that one of my top 10 trends for 2009 (i.e. last year) was ‘Digital Diets’. It didn’t happen. But wait…it’s happening now! This is just in from Sean Boyle at JWT in New York. Rock … Continue reading

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Newspaper Statistics (not what you think)

Newspapers are dying right? Wrong. Newspaper circulation grew by 1.3% worldwide in 2008 to almost 540m daily sales. Adding the free daily papers, the circulation increase was 1.62% – or 13% over the previous 5 years. Overall, 1.9 billion people … Continue reading

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2010 Trends – coming true already

Remember Unsupervised Adults? (Trend #4 – January 7).

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Scenarios for the End of America

Nice article on Slate a while back titled How Is America Going To End? by Josh Levin. Essentially a brief look at the ways in which the US could come to a sticky end over the next 100 years. Overall … Continue reading

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