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Global Risks Radar

So here, once again, is the finished version of my new map of global risks (plus a few charming ways the world could end). The radar is obviously divided into four by impact and probability. Impact is a guess at … Continue reading

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Risk Map 2015+

Here’s my map of global game changers & regional risks. I was going to wait until September to publish this, but it’s been done early so what the heck. I’ll post a longer explanatory note about process and contents tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Photographs of office desks

  Just been put onto this this by James at Artifact cards, with whom I’m collaborating on some brainmail ‘ stat-pack’ cards. It’s a collection of photographs of office desks set up by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami. Above my … Continue reading

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How Companies Die

Something I wrote for Fast Company magazine in the US a while ago. I’m adapting part of it for a talk to PWC in Warsaw next month. Worth a read if you’ve not come across it.   My last column … Continue reading

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The evolution of writing (and perhaps thinking)

Just working on the next issue of What’s Next. Here’s a sneaky peak… Text messages were originally invented so that operators could test the early mobile phone networks. Now there are about 20 billion text messages circumnavigating the globe each … Continue reading

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List of risks

Almost done. Just wondering whether to make it a little topical by replacing Kim Kardashian with Donald Trump actually being elected US President.

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Global Risks Map

Getting closer. Just arguing with myself about where certain ‘events’ should be placed. As you can see it’s not 100% serious (hey it gets a bit heavy in places). I was going to add Donald Trump as a global risk, … Continue reading

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Brainmail on Facebook

Did I tell you that brainmail is on Facebook? Personally I’m against the idea, but the dyslexic dog (always running after new gods) and the psychopathic cat made me do it.

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Maybe not 100% serious (yet)

        Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to sleep with Kate Upton or Ryan Gosling? With the new iFantasy app for only $19.99 a month, iLens will change your partner’s body and … Continue reading

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Global Risks

  My new map – 101 Ways the World Could Change – is almost done. Gimme a week or so…..

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