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Relationships between science and fiction

Still working through whether or not there might be a good graphic in the linkages between scientific fact and speculative fiction. In this vein, came across this today, which is one of the best things I’ve read about trends and … Continue reading

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Peeple. Be afraid. Be very afraid….

What would happen if everyone you ever met, everyone who ever knew you, everyone you ever worked with and everyone you ever slept with rated you and your performance? This future isn’t far off. Should we embrace this or should … Continue reading

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Digital clean up

Digital clutter I’ve just finished the new book and have almost nothing to do except the science and fiction map. As a result I’ve started on a digital clean up of 3 computers. Just found this. No idea where it … Continue reading

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Sci fi movies (and books) that came true

  Just playing around with an idea, which is whether there’s anything interesting to be said about speculations in science fiction versus science fact. Seems like quite a bit of what gets written about in fiction tends to become fact … Continue reading

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Normal service is resumed

  The book is done! BTW, loved this above!

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Trend spotting

  It strikes me that if you want to spot trends or engage with the zeitgeist a good way to start is to look at what people are reading, watching or listening to. A good example is the recent US … Continue reading

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Links between science fiction and science fact

            How Ideas Happen Here’s a perfect example of how random events combine to create ideas and insights. I’ve been writing something about whether or not forecasting the future is futile or functional. It’s been … Continue reading

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Personal tastes

                  I hear that Heston Blumenthal, he of TV and supermarket fame, is re—opening his Fat Duck restaurant with a twist. A team of assistants will research customers when they book so … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

Here’s some possible evidence to support the idea that the change argument can be a bit of a myth. Around 90% of the US workforce is employed in occupations that existed 100 years go. The Observer, 06.09.15 (P20).

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True or false?

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