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The World in 2045

  Last week I was with RAND in Cambridge discussing the nature of the state in 2045. This week it was the DCDC Strategic Trends folks down in Wiltshire talking more broadly about what might reasonably happen by 2045. The … Continue reading

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If things had turned out different

                  Nice! Image from Dull Hunk I believe.

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Quote of the Week

“It’s harder to imagine the past that went away than it is to imagine the future.” William Gibson

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Too Much Information

If anyone (I’m thinking of Giles) is wondering why it’s taking me so long to respond to emails this is partly the reason – a rather large reading pile. This is partly the result of summer holidays and partly a … Continue reading

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Cookie Policy

So I’ve been staying at the Doubletree Hilton hotel in Cambridge, which turned out to be double trouble from the get go. The problem was their internet and their cookie policy. I checked in at 2.45pm and was given a … Continue reading

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Time to Reclaim the Future

            I’d like to let you in on a little secret about the future, which is that there isn’t one. Instead there are multiple futures, all of which can be influenced by how you, me … Continue reading

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Libraries as neutral community spaces

  Very good article in last weekend’s Financial Times by Edwin Heathcote (architecture correspondent) about Birmingham’s new £188 million public library. You’ll need to subscribe to read, but the best bits include a quote from Brian Gambles, whom I met … Continue reading

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The End of Cash (it ‘aint necessarily so).

Like all logical extrapolations, the argument that cash will disappear contains a number of critical assumptions. One is that people will trust digital transactions and exchange as much as – or more than – physical money. In Greece, where I’ve … Continue reading

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