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Friday Fun

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Information Pandemic

It’s interesting to me to see how the media, and hence the public, are responding to Coronavirus (I think that’s the correct way around, but it’s hard to say who’s leading who sometimes). The risk of death is remote (a … Continue reading

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Found in the road

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Word of the Week: Mooch

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The Future of Computers (from 1981)

And another little gem…from 1987.

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Future of Education

Are we there yet? (Source link).

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No time to think

In 2011, a study reported that 95% percent of American adults had done at least one leisure activity in the past 24 hours, such as watching television, socialising, or reading for pleasure, but 83% reportedthey spent no time whatsoever relaxing … Continue reading

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Future Shock at Fifty

Here’s my chapter from the new book that’s just out looking back at Future Shock. The book, After Shock, can be bought here. US link here. Future Shock @ 50. One of the enduring issues futurists face is bad timing. … Continue reading

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Stat of the Week

Things are changing rapidly, but so far around 360 people have died from Corona Virus in China. To put this in context, between 2002 and 2003, around 800 people died from the SARS Virus. Over the winter of 2017, 80,000 … Continue reading

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