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What if..? (Major Earthquake + Silicon Valley)

I was at a Lloyd’s Insurance event last night and the subject of a major Californian earthquake came up in conversation (not if, when). I’ve written about mega-quakes before, but what ‘ve I’ve never really thought through is the location … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“Past, and to come, seems best; things present, worst.” William Shakespeare.

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Sunday Poem

I once blogged that thou shalt not blog on a Sunday. I’ve more or less stuck to this over the years, but I’ve had a new idea. I think Sunday posts should, sometimes at least, be poetry. Here’s one from … Continue reading

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Why is Podcasting Popular?

I’ve been thinking about media recently and, in particular, why podcasting might be so popular right now? What driving forces might be at play here? The first reason I can think of is that it’s symbolic of a shift away … Continue reading

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Human Made

I was having a coffee with editor of Wired magazine a few days ago and we got onto the subject of ‘human’ being a trend in the future. He said that the founder of Net-a-Porter said that in the future … Continue reading

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Fun Christmas Presents

Did you send someone 23andMe last year? Then how about this? Did I hear someone say Facebook smell timeline?    

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Future of London

I was doing the keynore at this yesterday. Was I the only one that noticed one of the wi-fi networks (second one down)? I’m guessing this is a paintball company or someone pretending to be something they’re not, but quite … Continue reading

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Totally Random

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